The Sav-Rx Advantage Program is a cash discount card that may save you money on your prescriptions, if you are not eligible for coverage under your Fund's prescription plan or if you have prescriptions that are not covered under your prescription benefit. This card is offered as a courtesy to our clients and is no cost to you, your union or benefit Fund. Although you will pay 100% of the cost of your medication, with the Sav-Rx Advantage Card you will pay the Sav-Rx Discounted Rate, not the pharmacy's retail price. On average participants who use this card save up to 32% over pharmacies' Usual and Customary pricing. In addition, you will have access to the Sav-Rx Mail Order Service, which offers even deeper discounts. Simply click on "Enrollment Form" and fill out the required information. Sav-Rx will mail you a prescription card and explanatory brochure.

Sav-Rx Advantage Brochure

Sav-Rx Advantage Enrollment Form